At lunch

It's December, and it's been a little over two weeks to leave this year.

The factory is at full speed during the busy season! !

Change your mood and eat out mainly for lunch.

To the usual soba restaurant about 5 minutes on foot from the head office building.

Go through the parking lot and continue down a narrow alley, and you will see a green signboard and a goodwill.

The table says standing eating soba, but there are counter seats with chairs.

A precious restaurant where you can eat delicious homemade soba in a Showa atmosphere.

I like soba and have eaten while walking, but this place is really delicious.

However, the taste is different for each person, and it may take some time after ordering, so it seems that some customers only eat once.

By the way, in this shop where there are many regulars, I don't see many people who are in a hurry or express their dissatisfaction.


I think the first is the production background.

Looking at the kitchen from the counter seat

・The tempura ingredients are cut out and fried after an order is placed.

・Set a timer to boil the soba by calculating backwards when the tempura will be fried. Don't boil it together Dare to eat 1 meals.

・Someone grated radish by the side, etc. Somehow it feels like a custom order.

It may look inefficient, but it's efficient, and above all, you can tell that each item is carefully made.

If the buckwheat noodles are not good enough, the ticket vending machine will indicate that it is sold out.

Provided in the best condition. It's delicious... the reason why I've been going here for over 10 years...

After finishing the meal, I saw the Kadoya head office building as I was walking.

Well, this time it's my turn. One by one I'm going to go back to making a polite leather jacket.

Items that appeared