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Article: Order made 87

Order made 87

Order made 87

This time
I received this from Mr. Numata, a customer of the Tokyo head office.
riding jacket and pants
We will introduce the setup order.

The leather that Mr. Numata chose is
Familiar with ordering racing suits
MFJ certified minkle leather.

The racing collar at the neck, zip closure flap, external shoulders, and elbow pads
It makes a very simple body look more sporty.

Color is navy.
There are no pockets on the body.
It is a complete riding spec.

The back is also simple.

Set aside the width of the back
Suitable for riding position.

shoulder and elbow pads
A low-resilience shock-absorbing sponge is sandwiched between the body and the outer leather.
Sewn with double stitches.

Sleeve zip is set on the front inside (back of the hand) side
Try to eliminate as much as possible the interference with the wrist due to the thickness and overlap of the leather.
The cuffs and zip are flat and uncut.

Ventilation on both sides of the back
Release the air taken in from the front.

On the front lining
Velcro closure patch pocket.

As it is the same material as the lining of the mesh material
It has the effect of reducing the bulk around the abdomen when leaning forward.

On the back lining
A spine pad that combines two shock absorbing materials with high rebound and low rebound
Equipped with a zip pocket mouth so that it can be removed from the hem.

Pants are like jackets
I use minkle navy.
Upper and lower separate specifications
The specs are almost the same equipment as a racing suit.

kadoya crown dot button

Upper front of waistband
It is a double fastening specification of magic tape and dot button.

on the waist
It has a wide range of shirring functions.
By fixing the waist firmly with a belt
It secures momentum when leaning forward.

on the left and right waist
Like the jacket, a low-resilience shock-absorbing sponge is sandwiched between outer leather
Sew in with a double stitch.

When you bend your knees while riding
With the shirring function above the knee
Secure your momentum.

The back of the knee is covered with the same leather as the main body to increase strength.

At the same time, a detachable knee plastic pad is built in.

By measuring at the time of order acceptance and fitting before final sewing
We have fully confirmed the riding posture of the customer.
No big deviation in knee position
The knee cups can be moved to the desired position for fine adjustment.
A strong magic tape is sewn into the cup bag.
It is designed to be detachable from the main body.

below the knee
A thin, high-resilience, shock-absorbing rubber material is sandwiched and sewn into the backing leather.

Inseam is
To prevent damage due to the local burden on the leather when the legs are open
Split the seams flat
Fully reinforced seams with leather backing tape
It is sewn on with stitches.

As I said earlier
minkle leather
Equipped with MFJ official racing specs
Pulling, tearing, rubbing, staining, tanning, etc.
In multi-faceted fastness tests at the Leather Technology Center
meets high standards

Kadoya is
long-standing track record
Reliable and excellent leather.

Contrary to robustness
leather is soft
Stress-free from the start
It will be familiar with the customer's body and fit.

Numata's order contents
without hard pads
Because it is a specification of a shock absorbing pad with low rebound
Soft to wear
Softly wraps around the body
Along with the sense of security, I think that you can also feel the ease of wearing.

just two days
Rather than cool in the morning
It's getting a little chilly.

the coming season
It will be a touring season for autumn leaves.

Mr. Numata
until delivery
We apologize for the inconvenience and keep you waiting.

at the time of delivery
I heard from the staff that you liked it
I said, "Hello."

This setup
I hope you will succeed.

Order of this time
Thank you very much.

Made-to-order specs/original jacket and pants

・Leather/Minkle navy
・Lining/polyester mesh blue
・ZIP/YKK antique silver No5, No7
・ Dealer / Kadoya Tokyo Main Store