Order made 73

This time, I received an order from Mr. N, KADOYA head office.
Introducing made-to-order JKT.
The base model is MERIDEN TROPHY/MODEL-0
I left the design as it is and changed the outer material to HF GOAT (goat leather).

Mr. N riding a super sports bike,
The previous made-to-order JKT was cut according to the bike position,
This time, it is an order considering street wear as the main.

Goat's soft and fine texture
It transforms the simple design of Trophy-0 into a soft atmosphere.

The back style and waist yoke also have a hard image.
A mild atmosphere by changing the leather quality...

The sleeve zip is N-sama's particular point.
Both beads are often seen in pockets,
This specification is adopted for the sleeve zip.

Side ZIP that is useful when taking a sitting position
This function seems to come into play even in town use.

Thank you for your order.
We hope that you will enjoy the high-quality comfort of HF GOAT.

Made-to-Order Spec / MERIDEN TROPHY/MODEL-0

・Leather / HF GOAT
・Lining / Super Hard Twill Quilting Navy
・ZIP / YKK Everbright Nickel No5 No10
・ Dealer / KADOYA Tokyo Main Store