Order made 72

This time
I received this from Mr. Watanabe, a customer of the Sendai store.
We would like to introduce an order for an all-leather 2-piece racing suit.

using minkle black
No decorations such as letters or lines
Racing suit with a simple design.

Inner pads inserted into shoulders, elbows, hips and knees
Standing out in shiny black leather
It exudes a dignified dignity like armor.

You will be fascinated by the powerful Spartan look.

Pads for each part
Place a low-resilience shock-absorbing sponge on the back of the main unit.
Sandwiched with the same leather as the main body
I will put stitches from the surface.

Plaid presser stitch
Creates a three-dimensional effect on the inner sponge
As an accent for the whole body
It is effective.





on the back lining
A detachable spine pad bag is provided.

on both sides of the back
Considering breathability
Equipped with ZIP opening and closing type ventilation.

jacket and pants
on each waist
ZIP for vertical connection
sewn in.

TH 2014 05 30 012

Our Kadoya minkle leather is
Equipped with [MFJ official recognition] racing specs
pulling, tearing, rubbing, dyeing, etc.
Cleared multifaceted robustness standards
It is a reliable and proven material.

In addition to having sufficient robustness
Soft leather with moderate thickness
From the first time you wear it, it fits comfortably on your body.
Together with the fit, it fully demonstrates exercise performance.

Mr. Watanabe
drag race entry
Considering the combined use of city riding
This design has been decided.

In town use
Since it is possible to use the top and bottom separately
Jacket with denim pants etc.
Nylon jackets are easy to match with pants

Versatile and simple design
Isn't there a lot of turns throughout the year?

Separate racing suit order
How about using it as a reference!

Mr. Watanabe

thank you very much! !

Made-to-order specs/all leather 2-piece racing suit

・Leather/Minkle Black
・Lining / polyester mesh black
・ZIP/YKK No.5 No.7 Black
・ Dealer / Kadoya Sendai store