Order made 71

I received an order for two pieces at once from Mr. Hidaka of the Osaka store.

First, the base order for MERIDEN BONNY MODEL-0 .

New epaulettes on both shoulders.

The stitching is gray No. 6 core, I like this combination too.

ZIP changed to Old American.

The ZIP tape color is gray here as well.

Recently, the number of customers who choose Old American ZIP has increased significantly.

Originally a simple BONNY-0, this jacket has been made even simpler by removing the side zip and flap.

And the second focus is the original based on the military jacket masterpiece G-1.

By eliminating the action pleats on the back and using a single piece of leather, it looks like the military masterpiece A-2 base.

The curly mouton collar boa is detachable.

Goat black is used as the main color, and navy is used here and there.

Only the front windbreak is made of brown.

While incorporating all three colors of " HF GOAT " into one outfit, it is beautifully combined with dark tones.

Since there is no sample and you have to imagine the finished product and choose the color, it honestly feels like "I was beaten!"


Two people confirming the specifications and dimensions of the finished product.

The position of pattern makers may be less conspicuous than craftsmen, but they are the ones who decide the general framework of the product. Even though it's "dressing and sewing", we will make it as a team until the end.

The man on the right says he was very indebted to Mr. Hidaka when he worked at the Osaka store.

It seems that there is no way to worry about it.

Go back to work without looking.

Thank you for always ordering with good taste.

The tension rose again this time!

Order Made Spec / MERIDEN BONNY-0 Custom

・Leather / Vintage Steer Black
・Lining / satin champagne gold
・ZIP / Old American No5 No10

Made-to-order specs / original jacket

・Leather / HF GOAT
・Lining / Super Hard Twill Quilting Navy
・ZIP / Old American No5 No10
・ Dealer / Kadoya Osaka store