Order made 70

This is based on the AS-1 VS LL size, with various parts and leather materials changed.

This is a made-to-order jacket for S.

The design has also undergone some minor changes.

Eliminate waist pockets. The left chest pocket is slanted, and the right chest is also placed in the same way.

The inverted V-shaped chest pocket is a detail seen in vintage jackets from the 60s and 70s.

And for ZIP, I chose the YKK vintage series "Old American".

Metal parts change from nickel to gold. Others use brass.

Leather from vintage steer, pulling, tearing, rubbing, sunlight, dyeing, etc.

Changed to "MFJ official" Minkle leather with excellent multi-faceted durability.

A chrome-tanned leather that is supple, has beautiful colors, and has a grain texture.

I chose matte black this time.

This tasteful leather texture and calm matte black atmosphere

Fits perfectly with a standard American style riders jacket

I feel like I'm melting into it.

The atmosphere of AS-1 changes so much with the selection of materials

Although it is brand new, it is somewhat reminiscent of vintage single riders.

There are cool days in the morning and evening, but it's all spring.

It's the perfect season to feel the feel of a leather jacket on your skin.

Thank you for your order.

Made-to-order specs

・Leather/Mincle matte black
・Lining / super hard twill black
・ZIP/YKK No.10 No.5 Old American Gold
・ Dealer / Kadoya Tokyo Main Store