Order made 69

This time, I'm Harada's friend and teammate who participates in the vintage bike race together.
I would like to introduce the [2-piece racing suit] order I received from Koyama-kun.

Toride racing team 4 people
The upper body is all matching coloring.
Minkle leather in two tones of white and red
The [TRIDE MOTOR CYCLES] leather logo is sewn on.

Each person's nickname and [KADOYA RACING] logo are printed on the back.
It is sewn in a common position for 4 people.

The color of the pants that Koyama-kun chose is mincle white.
Two lines extend from the flanks of the jacket to the ankles.

The shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees are equipped with shock-absorbing sponges,
It is sandwiched between lining leather and sewn.

The sensor base has a cover that is the same color as the pants body.
Long tank, quite low position separate handle, back step
Koyama's racer [TRITON] position.
Even during the corner bank, I could hardly put my body inside.
Lean with riding
Basically, it is a setting with a cover.

For the knees, a leather lining with a shock-absorbing sponge sandwiched between them is sewn onto the body.
To enhance the protection effect
It also has a detachable plastic pad that allows fine adjustment of the position.

Wear a hard spine pad separate from the main body.

A ZIP for connecting the top and bottom of a two-piece suit
It is sewn into the cover belt of the jacket hem.

For the front zip wind-yoke leather
MFJ official tag, the owner's name written in katakana,
In preparation for an emergency accident, the blood type is also indicated for transfusion.

Because the waist pad is blocked by the connecting zip with the jacket,
A bag for padding is provided on the lining of the waist of the pants.
Equipped with a detachable shock absorbing sponge.

behind the waist
To compensate for momentum when leaning forward
It has a shirring function.

the back of the knee
leather puddles in the riding position
To avoid congestion due to the thickness and hardness of the seam allowance leather
The joints of the upper and lower parts are cut out in a circle, and a single piece of leather is used.
Punching specifications are measures to prevent stuffiness.

tight ankles
Boot out specs
This is the point that Koyama-kun was particular about.

on the right cuff
A four-leaf clover as a team.

match your vintage bike
Based on the concept of a racing suit with atmosphere
Do not use hard pads or different materials on the surface as much as possible
While it is a simple specification of all leather
MFJ's racing specs are well-equipped.

2014 MCFAJ Clubman Road Race Round 1

was held on April 20,
Including Koyama-kun
teammates ready to compete
I think that you are steadily preparing in between work.

Racing suits can also be handed over
I can breathe a sigh of relief.

Thank you for your order.

See you at the racetrack on the day! !

Made-to-order specs / 2-piece racing suit

・Leather/Mincle White ・Red
・Lining/polyester mesh (blue)
・ZIP/YKK No.7 Gold
YKK No.4.5 coil (each)
Dealer / Kadoya Main Store