Order made 67

This time it is a customer who is a regular customer of the Sendai store.
I have introduced it on the HF blog before.
I would like to introduce Mr. Sasaki's custom jacket.

This jacket is based on
HF lineup model MERIDEN SPEED-TWIN .

the details
I made a self-order for the race entry
Please refer to the design of the racing suit
It has been constructed.

From stand-up collar with flap
To the left-right butt Mao color

Two-tone navy and white
Combined with the four lines sewn into the sleeve
It stretches to the neck and is a spectacular point with a dense color scheme.

Backed with a low-resilience, shock-absorbing sponge
It is sandwiched with the same type of leather as the main body and sewn.
Line stitch and padded stitch
It becomes more three-dimensional volume.

The two-tone color of the raglan sleeve
Visually makes the sleeves look longer
The four vertical lines give a sharper impression to the overall body.

The elbows are also padded like the shoulders.

Sasaki's favorite machine
1982 DUCATI MHR 864 [1973 750cc prototype specification]
The manufacturer's logo and other details are sewn into the left chest and the switching band on the back.

west side
I adopt the ZIP with the flap closure gusset
While riding in a forward leaning position
Reduces pressure around the waist.

I often tell you on the HF blog,
Minkle leather used for this order jacket
Tearing, pulling, rubbing, sunlight, dyeing, etc.
It is a high-spec [MFJ official] with excellent robustness in many ways.
At the same time, it fits comfortably on the body from the start of wearing it as a wear.
You can experience comfortable comfort, and from that sense of security and stability
It is a reliable leather material that we have been dealing with for many years.

I am very sorry for my personal affairs
The personal suit I wear in the race is my first race participation
I have been wearing it for 7 to 8 years, and I have fallen during the race, run in the rain,
Direct sunlight under the hot summer sun and a large amount of perspiration, etc.
Since we have shared a certain amount of experience, now we have a sense of trust and
Both can not be parted as mental stability necessities in participating in the race
It has become a favorite item.

I hope Sasaki-san likes it too! !

Also, to Mr. Sasaki, who someday rides on his favorite machine and wears this jacket
We are looking forward to seeing you!

・Made-to-order spec / MERIDEN SPEED-TWIN custom

・Leather/Minkle White ・Navy
・Lining / Super Hard Twill Red
・ZIP/YKK No10, No5 Nickel
・ Dealer / Kadoya Sendai store