Order made 43

This time, I received it from Mr. Sasaki, a regular customer of the Sendai store.
We would like to introduce the custom-made AW-1 VS.

Vintage steer with black body.
used for partial parts
red vintage steer
looks good on the body.

The outline is based on the existing model AW-1 VS,
Custom made in every detail.

・There is no dot button to fasten the upper collar.
・No epaulets
・There is no coin pocket with the flap of the abdomen
・One detachable waist belt specification

Some of you may have noticed,
this custom content
The specifications of the AW-C VS released by HF this season are strongly reflected.

In addition, cuff pockets, lining, cover pocket color, etc.
The customer's original essence is added everywhere.

In the first place, the order this time is
Preparations for the reopening of the Sendai store,
For early training of new staff,
With Urano General Manager of the Osaka store, who had moved to Sendai and was in an important position
Mr. Sasaki who came to the store hit it off,

Originally, the content that was decided and ordered

The creator of AW-C VS, who had elaborated the details of the concept before release,
Combined with Urano's energetic presentation power
specifications were gradually changed,

After unfolding the session,
It will be decided again as soon as it becomes the specification of this time.

this jacket is actually
With the third order of the same specification
Made for 1994 Harley Davidson FXR1340.

The love machine that was originally on board,
For 1982 DUCATI MHR864 (1973 750SS prototype specification)
Here are the first two made-to-order jackets.

[2 tone specification of vintage steering]

KADOYA old-fashioned logo on the back, DUCATI double letters,
Sasaki's favorite machine, MHR image pattern is sewn.

Red color scheme
Although there is an impact in the area of ​​​​the return of the lapel,
Other parts are inconspicuous at first glance and can be seen at a glance.

Another type of JKT is here.

This is
Familiar for racing suits
MFJ certified Minkle leather with excellent robustness.

The texture that is characteristic of Minkle leather
Combined with the glossy silver surface, it is wild.

Two pieces made for DUCATI,
Leather material, tanning, and finishing give a completely different look and texture.
In terms of comfort,
We hope that you will be able to compare and experience the characteristics of each.

Green was chosen as the color scheme.

From Sewing Chief Ichijima, who entered the Sendai store for the winter bargain the other day
Starting with Mr. Sasaki, who has always been indebted to me,
Listening to many of your passionate and heartwarming stories,
With jealousy towards Ichijima,
Once again, thank you for visiting our store many times in the cold.
We are excited about the Sendai store.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My beloved machine, MHR, which has been issued for vehicle inspection and custom
It is expected to be completed in the spring.

overcome the cold,
When the warm season arrives,

Together with this JKT
The day I can meet Mr. Sasaki who straddles MHR
looking forward to it.

Thank you very much.

Inquiries about this made-to-order spec
Please contact Kadoya Sendai store .