Order made 38

Kimura, long time no see!

It seems that my eyes are dazzled by the sensibility that penetrates as usual.

We leave the key points and specifications to you, and your playfulness

Do you say that the creator is exhausted,

Call it pressure

Call it a sleepless night,

But again, it's as simple as


The second shoulder bag for Kimura.

Equipped with new features,

In addition, Kimura color has become a rich one.

I have also heard about the next plan from Kitaichi.

I was a little surprised by the kind of leather you chose.

I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Also, it will take a long time,

In the meantime, let the ideas explode

Hit Kitaichi

Please wait.

Thank you very much!

Made-to-order spec / HFG SHOULDER-BAG PTD

leather/minkle, drum die
Lining / nylon ox
ZIP/YKK No8 Excela Black Nickel
Dot button/black nickel
Buckle/Black Nickel
Dealer / KADOYA Osaka store