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Article: Order made 37

Order made 37

Order made 37

This time, I would like to introduce a made-to-order product from Mr. Iizumi.

The main body has the same specifications as the ready-made product.
It will be a custom that changed the material of the belt to 3mm thick Nume leather.

Eliminates the buckle to make the waist area clean when worn.
It is a clean setting of one size around the waist.

Putting on and taking off with dot buttons on both sides.

Attach it to the side of your body by hooking it to your hipbone.

Thank you for your order.
Mr. Iizumi I am looking forward to the day we can meet again.

Made-to-Order Spec/WAIST BAG-PTD

・Leather/vintage steer, tanned leather (belt)
・Lining / nylon ox
・ZIP/ YKK No.7 antique gold
・Dot button/durl
・ Dealer / KADOYA Tokyo Main Store