Order made 31

This time, the customer who ordered at the Osaka store
I would like to introduce Mr. Fukuda's deer jacket.

Left and right chest pockets with slanted angles.
Left pocket with right hand
When using the right pocket with each left hand
For customers, this angle is the point of ease of use.

The waist pocket has a gentle inclination angle
Set longer than the chest pocket.
Its main role is as a hand warmer.

Equipped with two buckle belts on the waist side.
While the main body leather, zipper, thread and black color are unified
Nickel-plated buckle with a sense of thickness gives off a shine
I am appealing the presence with pinpoint.

The lining is also black.
Twill fabric with firm firmness and elasticity.

With the texture of deerskin and the softness of quilting
Adds suppleness
At the same time, it firmly supports the outer leather from the inside.

Pockets on the left and right sides.
This pocket is different from the bead pocket on the front of the main unit.
Try not to expose the mouth parts as much as possible
It has a notch with reduced thickness.

Two dot buttons are installed under the front zipper.

Slightly raised hem in riding position
when the abdomen is stretched
Reduces the load locally applied to the fastener end
It has a role to play in protecting it from damage.

Quilted lining extends to cuffs
instead of a cushion
A tight seal around tight zipped cuffs
It enhances the hold feeling and prevents wind from entering.

Contrary to the front body
A very simple back.

Unlined type with buckskin base, type with thin satin lining
And this time, the order I received from Mr. Fukuda
Hard twill quilted lining type.

Depending on the leather material, it may or may not be suitable depending on the compatibility with the lining.
In the case of this deerskin, it fits well in any situation.
I show potential without breaking good leather.

6 storage spaces in front.

"That, this, this, that... fufu, we're still in!!"

Mr. Fukuda, what and where do you use it?

I'm very worried!

Thank you very much.

Made-to-Order Specs/Deerskin Jacket

・Leather/deerskin black
・Lining / Super hard twill quilting black
・Thread/6th thread core spun black
・Fastener/YKK No3 No5 No10 Black
・Dot button / Dahl Black Black Nickel
・Buckle/nickel plating

Dealer / KADOYA Osaka store