Order made 29

This time, a request from Mr. K, a regular customer of the Osaka store,
Introducing custom-made products based on MERIDEN BONNY MODEL-0 .

The concept of the lineup model is
A solid style that has been stripped of its ostentation
As well as functionality as riding wear
Stylish even for town use!

Make the angle of the front zipper that rises from the hem as vertical as possible.
The lapel width is narrow and compact.
An image of a simple W riders similar to single riders.

Originally raise the zipper to the neck
Although it is fully closed to prevent wind from entering during riding,
Since the dot button to fix the lapel and the return position are not set,
You can adjust the degree of opening of the V zone according to your mood and taste.

Vintage steer with transparent bottom luster and astringent taste.
Simple body with custom-made mouton collar boa
stand out as a point
By attaching and detaching the collar and opening and closing the lapel,
Even just the neck The appearance and variations are various.

The detachable collar boa
Fasten with 3 front flaps and 1 rear flap.

Matte black mouton with dense and well-breasted
A vintage red that gives off a sexy and glossy feeling due to the bottom light.
Contradicting textures increase the three-dimensional effect.

And what can be seen in the valley
A brand tag of MERIDEN.

Mr. K
Thank you for your order every time.

Made-to-order spec / MERIDEN BONNY MODEL-0 base
leather/vintage steer red
Lining/satin black
Fastener/YKK nickel plating
Collar boa/mouton black

Dealer / KADOYA Osaka store