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Article: Order made 28

Order made 28

Order made 28

Made-to-order vests and chaps from Mr. Ichinose, a regular at the head office.
The material we chose this time is the familiar deerskin of HF-DEER .

The design is Ichinose's original.
It's simple, but it's a gem where you can feel the attention to detail.

Chaps adopts a hanging type on the waist belt.
Avoids interference between buckles and makes your waist look neat.

Mr. Ichinose, a hard rider who has experience on the ROUTE 66.
From this year, deerskin will be added to Ichinose's history.

Thank you for your order.

Made-to-order specs/original vest/chaps
leather/deerskin camel
Thread/6th thread core spun
ZIP/YKK antique gold
Dealer / KADOYA Tokyo Main Store