Order made 24

The interior is layered with several layers of heat-retaining material and has a firm air layer.
Cold protection performance is the strongest among HEAD FACTORY products.
The interior is combined with super hard twill to form a thick and firm lining.
A thin drum-dyed leather body without quilting with the main body leather,
The soft and voluminous feel is due to this lining.
The HF N-3B LEATHER is shaped with the interior lining as its skeleton.

The ready-made product is black leather with a simple and sturdy impression.
This made-to-order is based on the concept of "VIVID COLOR", and the colors of the leather and metal parts are changed.
The purple and gold hues are gorgeous with the soft coyote fur.
There is no doubt that it will stand out, and if you put it through your sleeves, the voltage will surely rise...
The warmth is the insulation power of the interior...? Own fever...?
What is the synergistic effect of basic specs plus custom?

in the middle of winter,
Here's another rider who doesn't give up in the cold.

Made-to-order spec / N-3B LEATHER

・Leather/drum die 1.1mm thick purple
・ Collar hair / coyote
・Lining: Super Hard Twill Navy + Thinsulate
・ZIP/YKK No.10, No.5 Gold
・Dot button/gold
・ Dealer / KADOYA Nagoya store