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Article: Order made 157

Order made 157

Order made 157

This is a made-to-order jacket based on "BONNY-0" made at the request of Mr. S.

The order category is "Custom Order 1"

The leather has been changed to oiled vintage steer, and the front zipper can be opened from the bottom.

Compared to the robust vintage steer that is used in ready-made products, the oiled vintage steer, which has a good amount of oil, is a popular and tasteful material for its flexibility that fits in from the first time you wear it.

Equipped with a zipper opening and closing type inner pocket on the front body

The lining has been changed to satin quilted black.

A simple double is cool even if the collar is raised.

Finished in a chic outfit in monotone.
Thank you very much, Mr. S!