Order made 15

Riders jacket...
Stand collar single, 4 pocket double, padded semi-double, yoke cut single,
Stainless collar single, police double, raglan sleeve pullover...

Just a wild imagination, but...
What if wing tip leather straps were tied at the feet with cotton silk straight bottoms?

・・・ Tailored style!!

Deep red light and soft leather.
The shoulder yoke that cuts close to the chest with a loose angle volume crosses the wide collar.
A narrow beaded pocket with no flap is designed to maintain this balance.
The front button with a large diameter is a slightly dull reddish brown, and the tone is lower than the body, and the outline is sunk.

The delicate contrast of the details gives this piece a powerful look.

What do you want your customers to see through the gently and sharply folded lapels?

Made-to-Order Specs/Tailored Jacket

・Leather/drum die wine red
・Lining / polyester satin brown
・Button/23mm, 18mm reddish brown
・ Dealer / KADOYA Tokyo Main Store