Order made 140

This time, I would like to introduce the custom-made pants I received from Mr. Tashiro, the president of the select shop HISTRY in Sapporo, KADOYA Special Dealer Hokkaido.

The main body leather is matte steer, which has a reputation for its hard finish.

The pattern is also customized closer to the riding pants, and the hem is equipped with a long zip.

After delivery, it seems that he tried to straddle the motorcycle immediately,

I have sent pictures of the ride.

The hem length that I made longer,
Just fit for riding.

As expected.


Please wait a moment!

Isn't the road surface a silver world?

No, it's a rider from the northern country!

President Tashiro I'm afraid...

It's great that you liked it.

Thank you very much for this time.

・Made-to-order specs/STS pants base ・Leather/matte steer ・Lining/satin red ・ZIP/YKK No7 nickel ・Button/nickel