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Thanks to the enthusiastic cooperation of History , a famous motorcycle goods store in Sapporo, Hokkaido, the number of orders from Hokkaido has increased recently, and we are very grateful.

Among the series of custom-made jackets for Sapporo, we would like to introduce a custom-made jacket based on the KS'LEATHER brand's long-selling model MAX W.

The noticeable change from the ready-made model is the elimination of the red color scheme and hand warmer pockets that are scattered everywhere.

A hand warmer pocket that sits naturally on the side of a rider's jacket.

Toss in the cigarette butts that have been sucked up to the last minute other than the filter, and the change you squeezed together with the unnecessary receipts.It is a place of rest to circulate the blood from the first joint, which has lost sensation after a long winter trip.

It is a familiar equipment for motorcycle riders, and it is often thought that there is no loss, but one of the disadvantages is its thickness.

As a measure to prevent the contents from falling out, it is common for riders jackets to have a zip pocket on both sides , but in this case, up to 5 layers of leather overlap.

Of course, the leather is partially thinned and adjusted, but the thickness is based on the premise that it does not spoil the appearance and does not cause a local lack of strength, so it is one of the causes of pushing up when sitting. In other words, it maintains the desired thickness.

On a different note, the model HF/KZ-P , which was developed with a focus on running, has achieved comfortable positioning by removing the convenient hand warmers.

Do you really need a place for your hands that exists naturally there?

I love the sloppyness of shaving.

Dear K, Thank you for your request.

Made-to-Order Spec/MAX W
leather/oil soft steer
Lining/polyester satin red
zip/ YKK No10 No7 No5 Nickel

Dealer / History