Order made 139

I would like to introduce a made-to-order jacket that I made at the request of Mr. K, a customer of the head office.
It is based on "DE-MOD", which is rapidly gaining popularity this winter.

The genuine left chest pocket has been moved to the upper left arm, and a zip openable slash pocket has been placed in the empty space.

The impression has changed completely, and it has transformed into Mr. K's style.

The lining is super hard twill quilting with thinsulate high loft 120g without any change.

The padding, which has excellent air layer retention, is wrapped in a fabric that is resistant to friction.

When you open the front zip, this is also a hidden pocket with dot button opening and closing without any changes from the existing model.

ZIP has been changed to Excela black nickel.

I like the rugged feel of the leather and metal.

Thank you for always providing delicious treats.

It seems that the next project has already started, and I am looking forward to its completion.

Thank you again!

・Made-to-order spec / DE-MOD
・Leather / HFGOAT
・ZIP / YKK Excela ・Black Nickel ・Button / Dahl Black