Order made 135

We would like to introduce Mr. Kikuyasu, a regular customer of the head office.

The design is based on the HF off-the-shelf FLAT TRACK RACER, and has been customized with full of originality in various places.

A summer deerskin jacket suitable for both street wear and motorcycles.

Green, which is becoming a trade color, is used for the ZIP tape and stitching thread on the high-class black nickel Excela ZIP.

It's simple and functional.

It has been beautifully finished as a masterpiece of Mr. Kikuyasu's specification.

The reason why he ordered this time is that he bought a ready-made FLAT TRACK RACER before, but gave it to a junior.

Mr. Kikuyasu who thinks of juniors

Immediately, check the operation with your favorite car ZZR1100!

Thank you for your order.

And speaking of Mr. Kikuyasu,
Smile like the summer sun!

This is the young master of the dumpling shop "Gyotoku Ekimae Dango no Fujimiya" where people line up.

Personally, when I line up in the queue at Fujimiya, which is five stars in both quality and price, I can feel that it is really loved by the locals.

If you like Japanese sweets, please give it a try.

・Leather / HF DEER black ・Back / polyester mesh black ・Thread / 8th thread polyester green
・ZIP/YKK Excela Black Nickel