Order made 130

This time, we would like to introduce the HFG WAIST BAG PTD custom ordered by Mr. Y, a customer of the head office.

Mr. Y who likes wild and rough leather.

The unevenness of the lattice stitching on the thick matte black body gives off a unique presence.

Nume leather is used for the belt, which is long enough to be worn over the shoulder.

The thick matte steer is hard and is not a leather that you will get used to quickly, but it will gradually soften over time.

It creates an expression that can only be found in thick leather.

Ordered by Y

Thank you very much.
After the delivery, it looks like you liked it, so it's great.

・Leather/matte steer ・ZIP/YKK No7 nickel ・Thread/8th thread polyester black