Order made 127

This is a made-to-order jacket ordered by Mr. T.

It is based on the MERIDEN SPEED-TWIN MODEL-0, but the materials and parts have been changed, and pockets have been added to suit the application.

In addition, the specifications of Mr. T's commitment are scattered everywhere, making it a category close to the original jacket.

By the way, it is not a monochrome photograph.

Gray leather and sewing thread are used. The metal parts and lining are unified in black and consist of a single phase light and dark.

A gray leather jacket that is hard to find even if you look for it.

Gray is a standard color for clothing, but it tends to be rare when it comes to leather products.

That's why there's something that's personally appealing to me.

I don't think we usually pay much attention to it, but there are colors that make you feel heavy and colors that make you feel light.

Lighter colors make people feel lighter, while darker colors make them feel heavier.

Some competitions use white socks and shoes, taking advantage of the illusion that white feels lighter than black.

Or cardboard boxes for moving, plastic bags from supermarkets, etc.

It seems that psychological effects are also used in things that we usually see.

So, if winter layering looks heavy, it could be the color.

Seeing Mr. T's jacket, I am reminded of the importance of the gray color, which gives the impression that it is neither heavy nor light.

However, perhaps because all the parts are black, I feel a solid feeling that reminds me of a robot somewhere... Color psychology is strange.

I thought again, "I really want a gray leather jacket...".

There is a plain image at first glance, but it is a deep color.

Thank you very much for this time.

・Leather/N Minkle Gray ・Lining/Super Hard Twill Black ・ZIP/YKK No.5 No.10 Black