Order made 126

This time, we would like to introduce a made-to-order jacket requested by Mr. Sakamoto, a customer of the Tokyo head office.

The balance of the select color scheme of each material is exquisite and it is very beautiful.

The base of the order jacket is HF LINE-UP MODEL AS-1 VS.

[Changes from the base model]
・Sleeve length adjustment ・Leather quality changed from vintage steer to HF goat ・Lining color changed from black to red ・ZIP changed from nickel to gold ・ZIP tape changed from black to olive color is from the black of the 8th thread to the brown of the 6th thread core

This is the content of [Custom Order 1].

The front zip is equipped with a reverse-opening slider that can be freely opened from the hem side to an appropriate position to reduce the push-up of the main body leather to the neck when seated.

The base model vintage steer is characterized by a smooth silver surface without grain, but the HF goat has a unique uneven grain with a fine natural shrink to create a wild and natural three-dimensional effect, completely changing the atmosphere of the base model. I am letting you.

In addition, by selecting a textured thick count brown core thread and a zip tape of the same color as the thread color, the gold zip and brass parts are softened without floating and blended well with the main leather.

The red lining that can be seen occasionally makes the overall jacket stand out.

The customer has ordered the HF LINE-UP MODEL AS-2 VS in brown before, and has experienced the comfort and texture of the vintage steer, so the HF goat this time is lighter and has started to wear. I think that you can feel the familiarity from.

After the completion, when the customer came to the store, I was blessed with the opportunity to meet. I was able to hear a lot of stories with a very deep insight and passion for leather.

When you ordered this time, you liked the HF goat monitoring sample jacket that was displayed in the store, which was wrinkled over time, and were especially looking forward to how it would change over time as you wore it. .

Mr. Sakamoto

We are looking forward to the next plan with "that material" that you talked about.

Thank you for ordering this time.

・Leather/HF Goat Black ・Lining/Super Hard Twill Red ・ZIP/YKK No.7 No.10 Gold ・Materials/Brass