Order made 124

We would like to introduce the made-to-order jacket ordered by Mr. A from the Tokyo head office.

The base model is MERIDEN SPEEDTWIN model 0. A's attention points are scattered here and there, making it a simple and original semi-double dress.

This time it's a full order, so in addition to the changes in appearance, the action pleats on the back and the room for wearing elbow pads, etc. I am dressed.

Minkle matte black, which is supple and strong, is used for the leather.

I decided to look at BRMJ.

An accent pocket is added to the left chest, and the stitching thread is gray.

Luckily, I was able to attend the delivery, and it was a relief to see that you were satisfied with the finished product.

The front zip adopts a reverse opening that reduces the pushing up of the jacket when riding.

When he has free time, Mr. A likes to load his camping equipment on his motorcycle and travel long distances to spend quiet time alone in the grandeur of nature.

Head office staff Asano-kun is also very interested in such a camping touring.

Thank you for your order.

Camping season is in full swing once the rainy season is over!
Where are you going this summer...

・Leather / Minkle Matte Black ・Lining / Super Hard Twill Black ・ZIP / YKK Antique Silver No5, No10