Order made 123

I would like to introduce the made-to-order jacket ordered by Mr. N.

By the way, it is my wife who wears it, and we have changed various materials and parts based on the ready-made size of the ladies' model SL-S1 VS.

The leather, including the sewing thread, has been changed from vintage steer black to brown.

Choose champagne gold for the lining color.

All zips use the 7th except for the inner pocket. The color is antique gold and the pull tab can be twisted twice.

The triangular gusset of the sleeve zip uses a single piece of uncut leather, and the width of the windbreak on the front is 1.5 cm less.

The collar has been changed from a stand collar to a small shirt collar.

The impression is not changed, and it is harmonious.

The SL-S1 is characterized by beautiful feminine curves and a three-dimensional silhouette that eliminates decorations. It seems that this model, which is a simple single rider, blends naturally.

Women's fashion tends to be more trendy than men's.

As a result, there are few standard products that can be enjoyed for a long time.

In the meantime, according to the staff in charge, the husband recommended this order, and I hear that he was very pleased with the finish of the "genuine leather jacket".

Also, "I want to keep wearing it even when I become a grandmother"...

This is a word that will remain in my heart.

Some people think that clothes are consumable goods, but there are opportunities to encounter clothes that can be called things for the rest of your life and cannot be thrown away.

In my case, I'm looking for that unexpected encounter every day, but it's also a fact that it rarely happens.

So I am very happy to hear Mr. N's words.

I would appreciate it if you could have a long relationship. Among them, please enjoy the aging of the vintage steer.

Mr. and Mrs. N Thank you very much for this time.

・Leather/vintage steer brown ・Lining/polyester satin champagne gold ・ZIP/YKK No.3 No.7 antique gold