Order made 120

This time, a customer from the Osaka store
I would like to introduce Mr. Nishihara's custom-made jacket.

Finely textured texture and
HF goat with deep luster due to dye finish.
And a mouton with a matte and dense pile.
A combination of different natural materials
As you can see, the compatibility is excellent.

The base model for the order is
HF lineup model

There is no size change from ready-made products
For select orders to change leather materials
It is an additional option for a detachable mouton collar boa.

There are various shapes in the detachable specifications.
This time, the customer chose a type that has a dot button on the collar and has a removable function.
In addition, the dot button for fixing is used to make the metal parts on the collar inconspicuous.
Dahl black, which is the same color as the main body leather, is selected.
Visual consideration has been given.

The MERIDEN series
It consists of a very simple model that eliminates decorations.
Various materials are changed by select order
This model is suitable as a custom base.

Especially this time, the customer changed the leather from vintage steer to HF goat.
The tight-fitting MERIDEN MODEL makes it easier to get used to from the moment you start wearing it.
The softness, suppleness and lightness that characterize HF Goat
And I think that you can fully enjoy the unique texture.

Last weekend, in Tokyo, the cherry blossoms were announced to bloom five days earlier than usual.
But,,, there will be a return to the cold by the end of this week, and it will return to the cold of winter.
It looks like we will have to wait a while longer to enjoy the cherry blossoms in full bloom.
Spring is just around the corner!

like now
The turning point of the season with significant temperature fluctuations
The detachable mouton collar boa is at its best.

Mr. Nishihara
Order of this time
Thank you very much.

・Made to Order Spec / MERIDEN BONNY MODEL-0 Select Order
・Leather / HF Goat Black
・Mouton / straight hair brown
・Lining / Super hard twill quilting black
・ZIP / YKK No.5, No.10 Nickel (Everbright, Excela)
・Dot button / brass, nickel, dull black
・ Dealer / Kadoya Osaka store