Order made 117

These are cold weather pants made of HF goat that I made at the request of Mr. T.

This is a special order with the motif of military parachute pants.

Suspenders are also made of the same goat as the main body.

The lining is fully lined with super hard twill quilting, and is equipped with a thinsulate liner that can be attached and detached by ZIP.

Large opening zip pocket on the side.
This part of the parachute pants that became the design motif was an opening for inner access, but this time we will attach a bag inside the ZIP and make it function as a pocket.

Both knees are reinforced with large leather knee pads.
Due to Mr. T's insistence, the interior is tailored so that only the right knee can be fitted with a hard pad.

The cuffs are made with elastic ribs and windbreaks to protect against wind.
The detachable thinsulate liner covers the hem.

The depth of the rise, the roomy silhouette, the volume of the padding, the measures against the passage of the wind, and the thickness of the leather on the knees and buttocks provide protection against the cold, making these pants perfect for cold weather.

Mr. T, thank you for waiting!
I'm glad I managed to deliver it during the season.

When I heard the meaning of the right knee pad from the staff in charge, I thought, "I see!"
Despite my presumptuousness, I feel like I understand a little bit of that feeling.

Thank you for your request!

・Made-to-order specs / original pants
・Leather / HF Goat Black
・Lining / Super Hard Twill Quilting + Thinsulate Quilting Black
・ZIP / YKK No7 black
・ Dealer / Kadoya Nagoya store