Order made 104

This is a made-to-order jacket made at the request of Mr. S Fuji, a regular customer of the Sendai store.

The base model is AW-P VS.

The material is changed from vintage steer to hard steer without gloss, and it is a heavy and rugged specification that sticks to thickness.

The construction of the side lace-up has also been changed.

Flap plug-in type that allows size adjustment in a wide range.

S Fuji's standard patch on the side.

The 1.8mm thick hard steer creates shadows on both welt pockets that are uniquely impressive.

AW-P standard police belt.

It is a functional structure that attaches and detaches the entire buckle with two hooks and bullets.

When you open the front ZIP,

Dare to place the patch on the lining side.

It's a fairly rare case, but it's a playfulness unique to custom-made products.

Thinsulate and aluminum cotton are used for the super hard twill batting,

Each part is equipped with pads.

A one-shot set with custom-made pants that I made before.

Mr. S Fuji, thank you as always!

Thank you for running KADOYA for GW!

Made-to-order spec / AW-P VS base order

・Leather/glossless steer mouton gray
・Lining: Super Hard Twill Black Thinsulate & Aluminum Cotton
・ZIP/YKK No10 No7 Nickel
・ Dealer / Kadoya Sendai store