If you want to do something, take action! If you do that, you will be able to face it properly.

I had a relationship with Kadoya as a sales representative when I used to work at an advertising agency, and from that time I thought, "It's an interesting company with flexible ideas and young employees who are active on the front lines, even though it's a long-established company." I was.

After that, I decided to join Kadoya by fate.

Thinking in-house and selling products created in-house is a new experience for me, who only had agency experience, and I can work with great pride in delivering products that I personally think are good I felt that it was the environment.

When I first joined the company, I was working as a sales person, visiting wholesalers all over the country who dealt with our products and communicating with them over the phone. We have shifted to the EC-related business mainly with the aim of improving the operational efficiency of the order-to-shipment flow and the quality of customer service.

I think the interesting thing about this company is that you can take on the right person in the right place if you wish, and you can move to another department, and you can challenge various things in addition to the work you are in charge of. As I felt before joining the company, this company has many employees who are strongly motivated to improve even though it is a long-established company.