Balance is the most important thing in all things

Please tell us about your current job.

Production of leather products, repair, planning, and overall operation of the main factory.

Please tell us the appeal of Kadoya.

People and things.

What do you find rewarding, exciting, and interesting about your work?

I originally entered the industry because I liked leather and making things, but KADOYA, especially the head office factory, was responsible not only for making leather products, but also for repairs, customizing, and planning.

We make special things that can be called clothing and tools, centered on riders and jumpsuits. That's why functionality is essential, and even if it breaks, it's basic to fix it.
Therefore, it is not enough for the craftsmen at the head office factory to just make it.

It is the job of KADOYA head office factory and HEAD FACTORY's craftsmanship to think about how to be comfortable, strong, rational, cool, and beautiful. I find it interesting to be in such a nostalgic scene.

Please tell us what you value most in your work.

No matter how many thousands of pieces we make, we must never forget that it is the first piece of clothing for the buyer. This is the same idea for repairs.