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Refresher|Customer confirmation items

Thank you very much for choosing Refraser. We take great care in handling the product, but due to the nature of the material, there may be some issues.Please read and agree to the following information before proceeding with the work.

Just as leather is subject to changes over time, cleaning the leather may cause changes that are difficult to avoid (shrinkage, loss of shape, texture, color, etc.). This is especially likely when washing for the first time.

We pay the utmost attention to pre-inspection and strive to avoid risks such as secondary damage and deterioration, but we will not accept complaints such as changes due to "unpredictable leather quality" or "product defects (characteristics)". cannot be held responsible. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

  • 1. Hue

    Leather is a natural material, and there are differences in fading rate, thickness, grain surface, etc. depending on the part where it is used and the structural characteristics of the product.
    Since the leather product itself is not uniform, "color unevenness" (shading) due to residual oil remaining during oil replenishment may be exposed, and it may dissolve in cleaning solvents and cause overall discoloration.

  • 2.Texture

    If the leather has been subjected to post-processing such as wrinkles or embossing, there is a high possibility that the effect will weaken or disappear after cleaning, and the texture may change.
    In addition, the current texture of vintage and used clothing, such as hardness and softness, may change depending on the tanning technique during production and storage conditions.

  • 3.Dimensions

    Dimensions may vary due to the elasticity of the leather.

  • 4.Adhesive

    When sewing products, adhesive is used for temporary fixing. This adhesive may be incompletely dissolved in the cleaning solvent, resulting in "stains" (unevenness).

  • 5. Makeup

    The "scratches, wrinkles, and moth-eaten marks" caused by animals while they were alive are hidden by painting and press processing during the tanning process. These biological scratches may be exposed by cleaning.

  • 6. Dirt removal rate

    Examples of major problems with leather products include mold, stains, odors, and darkening. The degree of removal of these stains varies depending on the degree of penetration, compatibility with the leather, etc. Complete removal may be difficult.
    *If the pigment produced by mold permeates the leather, it may remain as a stain.

  • 7.Damage

    Areas where the leather has deteriorated may not be able to withstand the water and wind pressure applied during cleaning operations, resulting in damage or deterioration.
    Please note that accessories (buttons, zippers, sewing threads), etc., tend to deteriorate especially with older products (vintage products).

  • 8.Additional charges

    Changes (secondary damage, coloration, etc.) due to force majeure (characteristics of leather) may be remedied through "repair/color correction," but additional charges may apply depending on the situation.
    In the unlikely event of an unexpected accident (Note), we will respond responsibly based on consultation with our company and the customer.

    Note: Although we take great care when cleaning, leather deterioration may progress without being visible on the surface due to the usage and storage environment described below.
    Although it is a very rare case, there is a risk of significant damage to the leather (see attached photo) for products where risks cannot be fully determined even with prior inspection.
    If you have any concerns regarding the usage or storage environment, please let us know in advance.

    Usage environment: Wear in environments where a large amount of perspiration penetrates or where snow melting agents are used.

    Storage environment: Use of calcium chloride dehumidifier and adhesion of the aqueous solution collected from it, use of insect repellents and insect repellent sheets, storage in plastic chloride bags.

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crack Significant hardening atrophy
  • 9.Cancel

    If we determine that the item is difficult to clean or has low cleaning effectiveness, we may refuse cleaning.
    If you wish to return the item by delivery, the return shipping fee will be borne by the customer.

  • 10. Storage period for cleaning and repaired items
    If the cleaning and repair requested items (hereinafter referred to as the "applicable items") entrusted to us by the customer have been cleaned or repaired or are in storage due to work not yet started, and the following applies, one year has passed from the date of notification: Please note that the customer will be deemed to have relinquished ownership of the item and that the Company will dispose of the item in a manner prescribed by the Company.


    • 1) If the customer does not receive the item even though we have notified the customer that the item will be returned.
    • 2) If the customer does not receive the item even though the customer cancels the request after informing the customer of the estimated price.
    • 3) If the customer does not respond to the estimate even after 30 days have passed since the date of notification of the estimated amount.
    • 4) If we are unable to contact the customer

    In these cases, our company may charge the customer for the cost of cleaning and repairing the item, as well as the cost of storing and disposing of the item.