Natural things created with the wearer in mind

Kadoya is the Founder: Words Left by Shojiro Fukano

"It's a matter of course that we think about the person who wears it." Based on these words left by our founder, Shojiro Fukano, we at Kadoya will continue to provide people around the world with products of real value.


We will continue to search and think every day to make our customers feel joy through our products, such as the feeling of excitement the moment you hold them in your hand, the joy of wearing them, and the satisfaction of owning them.


Based on a flexible and fearless corporate culture and the outstanding technology and information unique to a long-established company, we create experience value from the user's point of view.


Our goal is not just for our customers to have our products in their hands. We will support you to connect your history with the first outfit that you will share in various environments for a long time.

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Under the three themes of “made to order by craftsmen,” “innovative style proposals,” and “optimization of basic models,” we offer only products with “real value” that have passed strict standards, and motorcycle enthusiasts. to meet the expectations of
Everything Kadoya can do for "BIKEMASTERs" who know what true value is.