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(Material) What is wool?

What is wool?

Wool is a 100% natural fiber obtained from animal hair, not a man-made synthetic fiber. It is a material that is unique because it is a natural fiber.

Features: The fabric has elasticity and resilience, and is wrinkle resistant.

It also has excellent hygroscopicity and has the ability to release moisture. It absorbs and releases moisture about twice as much as cotton, so the fabric itself breathes perfectly without getting stuffy on your skin.

And there is a feature that dirt does not adhere easily. A thin film called epicuticle surrounds the fibers, and this component has the ability to repel water.

This is because the fiber itself has a high moisture retention rate, which makes it difficult for static electricity to occur, which makes it difficult for dust and dirt to stick to it.

In addition, wool has antibacterial properties that work even in places where you sweat, making it difficult for odors to occur. Wool wool has the power to control viruses and bacteria from the outside through its immune performance, and decomposes and deodorizes bad odors and odors caused by bacteria.