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(Material) Oiled vintage steer

oiled vintage steer

Tannin-tanned materials made from natural materials develop a texture the more they are used, and are described as having a ``shiny bottom'', but on the other hand, they have low elongation and elasticity, and are susceptible to rain and other water.

Chrome tanning, on the other hand, does not have the same texture as tannin, but it is soft and strong, and is water resistant, making it suitable for clothing. In order to achieve both of these goals, ``Oiled Vintage Stare'' has established a ``de-chrome/mixed tanning'' technique that involves chrome tanning, then removing half of the chromium component, and then applying tannin tanning.

Furthermore, by adding a small amount of chrome tanning agent to the taste of astringent tanned leather rich in plasticity, it increases suppleness and physical property fastness. Furthermore, an appropriate amount of oil is penetrated, and combined with the aniline dye finish on the surface, it has a more transparent feel and smoother slip. Expressing a unique taste.

From the moment you put it on, you can feel the sense of unity that spreads over your body and the suppleness that retains the unique firmness of tannins.

- Notes on leather -

*Oiled vintage steer is a highly plastic leather. Please note that if large wrinkles or scratches remain when trying on the item, you may not be able to return it.