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(Material) Deerskin


The appeal of deerskin lies in its softness, suppleness, and lightness. This leather is moist, supple, and soft, yet highly durable.

Deer leather is extremely durable with just the right amount of stretch, and its excellent properties can be utilized in a variety of items such as leather jackets, bags, and wallets.

In addition, due to its softness, deerskin requires a high degree of skill when sewing. This material allows you to feel the refined craftsmanship in every corner.

- Notes on leather -

Deerskin is characterized by more scratches than other types of leather. In addition, the tanned deerskin used in our products takes advantage of the texture and breathability of natural materials, and has a dye finish that does not coat the leather surface, making scratches more noticeable and compared to conventional selections. , I think there are many people who feel uncomfortable and have doubts.

As a factory, we do our best to remove noticeable scratches as much as possible, but our top priority is to ensure that the oval single piece of leather has the best areas (firmness, stiffness, I think of it as laying out the pattern with a well-defined grain. We hope that you will understand this as a high-quality texture, including the scratches.