Comfortable double riders


スタッフ:167 cm / 56 kg



Double rider TOURUS using cowhide deer touch cow that feels smooth like deerskin

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<Height 167cm Weight 56kg Wearing S size>

By using flexible leather, it adapts well to the body from the beginning.

The buckle part of the belt is equipped with a removable cover to prevent interference with the bike.

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Double riders tend to have a tough image, but the soft leather and atmosphere that doesn't look too much like a motorcycle make it easy to wear as everyday wear during the cold season.

kadoya official online

The chest pocket, which is placed almost parallel to the cuff of the collar, accents the design.

kadoya official online

Although it does not have action pleats, it is designed with riding in mind.

If you are looking for a double pair that can be worn not only on a motorcycle but also for everyday wear, TOURUS is definitely recommended.


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