Summer EVO series latest model


スタッフ:180 cm / 68 kg



EVO series punching leather jacket "PL-EVO" featuring grid-like quilted pads on the shoulders and elbows

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The characteristic quilted pads on the shoulders and elbows not only add a visual accent, but also play a role in protecting the wearer's body by enclosing a shock-absorbing low-resilience sponge.

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The front body has a very simple design with chest pockets on the left and right. As a result, the quilted pads on the shoulders and elbows are eye-catching, but the overall balance is not flashy, and the design is easy to wear regardless of the person wearing it or the type of car they drive.

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Punching leather with 2mm diameter holes placed at 5mm intervals to take in the running wind is used on the entire surface, and the lining is made of a fabric with excellent sweat absorption and quick drying properties, realizing comfort that surpasses even a fabric jacket.

kadoya official online

As an item to enjoy hot summer riding comfortably and safely, we propose the selection of punching leather jacket.


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