Double riders worn in summer.


スタッフ:172 cm / 65 kg



A must-see for those who want to wear double riders even in summer.

A nylon mesh model that has become a hot topic among this year's models.

Since the completely new THOMPSON and MARKSMAN have slightly different silhouettes,

It gives me a different impression.

This MARKSMAN has a beautiful silhouette and is comfortable to wear.

The texture of the material is not bad for everyday wear, and I think it's finished in a piece that you'll want to wear outside of the bike.

We also recommend this season's leather sacoche, which is easy to use for touring and traveling as a jacket-in-bag!

I think that many recommendations will annoy you...

They are all good, so I recommend checking them all out! (smile)

Model: 172cm 65kg
Mesh jacket: wearing size M
T-shirt: wearing size M


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