Single rider "VNS-4" that is not a stand collar


スタッフ:183 cm / 62 kg



"What is the difference from stand collar riders?"

This is a question that is often asked at the store.

When it comes to single riders, many people think of stand-up collars, but this time we would like to introduce another universal model, the VNS-4, which is not a stand-up collar.

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As for the practical difference from stand-up collar riders, it's hard to say without a specific product comparison, but for example, stand-up collar jackets are cool when straddling a motorcycle. .

On the other hand, riders with a collar like the VNS-4 have the difference of maintaining higher values ​​on average if they are close to the vehicle. (*This is just a trend)

kadoya official online

I think it's cool to put on a rider's jacket in a scene where you leave the bike alone and go out for a drink, but I think the rider's jacket shines the most when it's with the bike.

We hope that you will be interested in "VNS-4".


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