Stylish new leather down


スタッフ:180 cm / 68 kg



This season's new leather down VOLGIN

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The characteristic aluminum fasteners and tuck roll design on the shoulders create a fashionable atmosphere that has never been seen before.

Contrary to this rugged design, it uses light and supple goatskin (goat leather) to achieve light comfort.

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In addition to the biker-like look, the shoulders, elbows and back are equipped with pad pockets that can be equipped with protectors to ensure safety during riding.

kadoya official online

The large front pocket has the same storage capacity as it looks, and can also be used as a hand warmer pocket in the cold winter.

VOLGIN, which has achieved the highest level of cold protection performance in Kadoya's history by equipping it with down, feathers, high-performance cotton, and aluminum heat-reflecting film, will be a useful piece of clothing for cold winter riding.

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