A jumpsuit for motorcycles that is not a racing suit.



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This time, from the series using stretch denim from Hiroshima,
[CORSA DENIM SUITS] Introducing the coverall type.


[CORSA] series with stretch denim that is very easy to move.
The material is fairly easy to move around in, and the waist and cuffs are accented with washable leather.

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Compared to normal jumpsuits, the front side is set a little shorter so that it does not get in the way when leaning forward on the motorcycle.
It has the same structure as a racing suit, but if you think of it as a jumpsuit, it may feel a little strange.
If you are too concerned about it, please consider going up one size.

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The collar is designed to be fastened with a flap belt.

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The hem length is often left longer for motorcycles, but it looks great even if you roll it up!


It might be a good idea to coordinate with riders as rough pants or [CORSA DENIM JKT] that arrived at the same time!

kadoya official online
There are various new arrivals this time of year, so it's hard to decide...
What kind of coordination will you do this spring/summer?
Please look around at Iloilo at the store!


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