Windproof knit with a rough texture


スタッフ:171 cm / 70 kg



The heat retention and ease of use of knits come in handy for everyday walking around town.

However, when it comes to motorcycles, the outside air and cold air can pass through and make you feel cold.

That said, I don't want to wear a bike inner when I want to go out on a motorcycle for a while! (Or rather, I don't want to be dressed like a motorcycle when walking around town.)

Knit item INTHERMO made while thinking about such things

It uses a fairly thick knit material, and the front section, which may be exposed to cold air, is designed to be windproof.

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The atmosphere of the material with a sense of unevenness blends casually into the city,

It is easy to match with your everyday outerwear.

kadoya official online

“Just because we are a motorcycle wear manufacturer doesn’t mean we have to insist on motorcycles.”

With that in mind, this inner knit item aims to be a realistic item that can be used on a bike or for everyday use.


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