Do you plan on running long distances over the holidays?


スタッフ:183 cm / 62 kg

着用サイズ:Tops: LL size


For those who are considering improving safety, I would like to recommend the 2022 Spring/Summer new product "PROTEX LIGHT PARKA".

This hoodie is a protector inner that can be equipped with a protector that is highly protective despite its natural atmosphere.

(Model height 183 cm / weight 62 kg Wearing LL size for both inner and outer)

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Protectors are attached to the shoulders, elbows, and back, and an optional chest protector can be attached to the chest. (The back protector can be replaced with a separately sold CE LEVEL1 one.)

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Although it is a hoodie type, it is actually a protector inner, so the silhouette is narrow.

This is also the new 2022 spring/summer "RIDERS COACH JACKET" worn over the protector inner.

It is a coach jacket with a simple appearance and a point.

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The characteristic back pocket is exquisitely placed within reach while wearing it.

kadoya official online

Are you ready to go for a run on your holiday?

I would appreciate it if you could consider it.


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