How to wear a single rider with a collar - Ad9 -

襟付きシングルライダースの着こなし - Ad9 -

スタッフ:172 cm / 65 kg

着用サイズ:トップス:Lサイズ / ボトムス:Lサイズ


The season for leather jackets is just right, but recently, more and more people want to wear them as everyday wear as well.

Double riders with a sense of volume

Standing collar and simple appearance single riders

This is also good, but if you want to wear it as everyday wear, we recommend single riders with a collar that is easy to coordinate with other outfits.

Riders with Collar - Ad9 -

kadoya official online

kadoya official online

Simple collared single rider [Ad9] + Knit coordination for inner

The coordination gives off a sophisticated and mature atmosphere, and the RIDERS POCKET KNIT (beige/charcoal gray) is matched with the inner.

It's just the right combination for this time of year when it's getting a little chilly.

WP WOOL NECK WARMER around the neck where it tends to get cold

kadoya official online

In the season after December when the neck gets cold, how about adding the new [WP WOOL NECK WARMER] to the previous coordination?

The windproof film is sandwiched, so it not only reduces the coldness, but also gives a tight impression.

kadoya official online

Although it is currently out of stock, gray is also easy to use and is recommended.

It is a jacket that is easy to match with many other things.

kadoya official online

This time, we used a knit as an inner layer and cargo pants as a bottom, but we also recommend combining a shirt and a hoodie.

Please try it on with a collared single rider suit with the innerwear and midler that are used as everyday wear.


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