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Tight, simple, riders.


スタッフ:172 cm / 63 kg

着用サイズ:Tops: M size


The simplest single rider with an emphasis on silhouette.

tight silhouette single riders
Single riders are the most standard and popular model,

KADOYA produces several types of single riders with different leather quality and performance.

Among them, this model, TSR-2, emphasizes tight-line silhouette and simplicity.

This is an easy-to-use rider's jacket that is perfect not only for bikes, but also for everyday style.

front zip

Due to the emphasis on the silhouette, the longer length may get in the way when riding a motorcycle, so

The front zip is raised from the bottom and the hem is widened to eliminate stress.

Sleeve circumference momentum

When you hear the word tight line, you tend to get the impression that it is difficult to move, but
KADOYA also makes it easy to maintain a riding position on the motorcycle.
The angle of the sleeves and the width of the back are designed to be stress-free.

simple back silhouette

Although the design allows for easy movement, the back has a simple design with no switching other than the yoke.

Both the front and back are made with no unnecessary details, making them attractive riders.

Tight fit_single riders