Directly managed store limited HFG/SHOULDER BAG-STD

Limited to directly managed stores! Bespoke shoulder bags have arrived at the Tokyo head office!!

This time, based on the classic Kadoya HEAD FACTORY bag "SHOULDER BAG-STD"

Appeared in goatskin.

Each part is gold-colored, and the front zipper uses YKK's Old American series ZIP, which has an antique atmosphere unlike before.

The zipper tape that can be seen from the side of the zipper is brown, giving it a casual accent.

The interior storage space is just the right size for touring and outings, such as small items such as wallets and key cases, gloves, underwear for changing clothes, and 500ml plastic bottles.

Pairs perfectly with a leather jacket!

The number is limited. Hurry up to purchase!

SHOULDER BAG-STD & HARNESS BELT Directly managed store bespoke product 41,580 yen (tax included)

*This product is a set with a harness belt unlike the regular product.

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