【Restock! ! ] red shoulder bag

A custom-made wine-colored shoulder bag from a directly managed store that received an immediate response after posting the photolog on November 27th and sold out immediately.

As the title says, we are back in stock! !

If you haven't seen the previous photolog, click here

\\[Directly managed store special order] Red shoulder bag //

wine and black contrast

Shoulder bag special order 2

It might be interesting to try pairing it with the regular model [HFG/SHOULDER BAG-PTD] !

Both models are recommended as Christmas presents! !

The number of production this time is also extremely small!

This production is also quite rare as there are only 5 pieces .

"When I inquired, it was sold out..."

If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible to avoid this!

\\Kadoya Sendai store//

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