The latest issue of the motorcycle magazine "MOTO NAVI" begins with a somewhat pleasant headline.

I don't think young people hate motorcycles. I came.

KADOYA, a leather jacket store, belongs to the so-called apparel industry, but at the same time, it is in a slightly special position that is closely related to the motorcycle industry.

So, I can't help but be sensitive to the word "young people are moving away from motorcycles" that I hear everywhere.

However, personally, I have not been able to realize how much of a phenomenon it is.

Certainly, the heat of the motorcycle boom in the 80's was tremendous, and maybe it was because the regulations were loose, but it was an era when getting a medium-sized license was the first step to becoming an adult. Compared to this kind of unique historical background, the modern motorcycle rider population is normal.

That said, I never imagined that the time would come when people would whisper that “young people are moving away from motorcycles.”

If the younger generation refers to people in their early 20s, unfortunately I don't have many people around me, so I don't know how they look at motorcycles and riders in real life. There are few opportunities to listen to such voices, so this magazine, which focuses on young people who ride motorcycles (I think young people will get offended if I say too many young people), was quite worth reading.

What was particularly interesting was the page where the editor interviewed four motorcycle riding boys, and from there you can get a glimpse of their "motorcycle feeling".

There are a lot of scathing comments about old man riders (including me, of course), and although there are parts that stick out, I can generally sympathize with them. I got the impression that it hasn't changed.

Oh yeah, one of the young riders I know and a head factory craftsman is featured in a magazine.

I'm sorry to let you use two pages luxuriously,,,

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