The catalog has arrived at the Sendai store!

"I was curious about the new product on the HP because it was pre-released, but it's hard to see..."

The one who says! Sorry to keep you waiting! !

The 2019-20 F&W CATALOG has finally arrived at the Sendai store! !

The contents of the 2019-20F&W CATALOG are…

The store manager was browsing immediately after arrival, but...

The page that immediately caught my eye was

After all, HEAD FACTORY's new work [BLACK BIRD]

By the way, the Sendai store only has L size and LL size in advance, so if you are interested, please try it! !

K's LEATHER second line [ALTER KEIS]

Of course the second line of K's LEATHER which is developed from this season
The [ALTER KEIS] page is also full! !

We will also have a lineup of models with different tastes, so please look forward to the arrival of this product! !

3 types of new boots will be released this season

This season, 3 types of boots will be released at the same time! !

You can also compare the characteristics of each boot!

The weather is going to be a little rough this weekend, but if you're in the area, please come visit us at our Sendai store! !

"I can't go to the Sendai store! ! 』

For those who say, we are also accepting free shipping of the 2019-20 F&W CATALOG, so please make a request! !

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